Cardio Fitness is an Integral component of staying fit and healthy

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How important is cardio fitness in our weekly routine?

An active lifestyle is an integral part of staying healthy – depending on how active you are in your job or daily life the amount of exercise can differ. But remaining sedentary and non-active will lead to chronic health issues.

If you don’t already, try to fit in a routine of at least 3 x 30mins+ ‘sessions’ per week – raising your heart rate to what is called ‘aerobic’ / Zone 3 or as an indication that you become short of breath. This could be a vigorous walk or jog for 2-3km for beginners – include some stairs to get that heart rate up.

Try to organise with friends, bring some music, listen to a podcast – anything that makes it fun and keeps you motivated!

You could also reward yourself with a tasty, healthy avocado smoothie – we’ve got lots

It’s important to remember to start at your comfort zone and build gradually – if you stick to this you’ll notice the difference within weeks – with improved endurance, strength, easier breathing and a healthier heart!

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