Why Kids Need Exercise!!!

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Ever wonder why Kids Need to Exercise?
Everyone loves to see our children out playing in parks, enjoying nature, taking part in team sports, walking the dog in the evening and hopefully eating not only the sugary sweet temptations!

However, there is a very sad trend in today’s society and reaching far from city, suburban households now to regional households alike. This trend is something which we are inheriting and learning from childhood and what’s worse it drastically shortens the length and quality of our lives.

– Inactive, Sedentary lifestyles combined with excess calorie consumption and limited exposure to exercise, sports and basic hand-eye-coordination activities deprive children of a healthy development – which are an integral part of a heathy adulthood.
Studies and recommendations for this can be seen – click here to read more

So the next time you see your kids indoors on a sunny day playing video games, try remember some of these points –

Kids Should Play Outside!
Just like when you watch puppies playing all day, Kids should be active throughout the day. It teaches them motor development skills, social skills and even gives them to Suns vitamins for a healthier body! Replace sedentary behavior with activity whenever possible.

The physical development is important, especially preschool kids ages 3-5 should be paying and interacting in structured games that challenge them booth physically and mentally – Aim for 2-3 hours a day of a variety of activities (light, moderate and vigorous).

Physical Activities Help Development
As kids are active and growing, their body benefits from these activities – encouraging bone health and density, physical fitness develops muscle, co-ordination & reflexes, strategy games increase brain function, awareness and attention skills – improving academic performance.

Keep Our Kids Fueled Up
And by feeding your kids the RIGHT food groups – they will burn through the food maintaining a healthy weight and growth pattern through their development – one of which we know is Folate, found naturally in avocados !

‘An Hour A Day’ Keeps the Doctor away!
Though it can be hard as your kids hit the books and study – try to make sure they are getting over an hour a day into their teens of physical activity, on non PhysEd days, try to give them some errands, let them play soccer in the park or walk back from school. Every little bit counts.

So always remember to sit less and move more – find out some great tips further here : heart.org/movemore.

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