The Truth About Fat – why our body depends on it, don’t be worried !

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The Truth About FAT – it’s got a bad wrap, it immediately sounds like a negative word right ?

But that’s just a perception which perhaps all the talk in society creates about ‘not being fat’! So then are you surprised to know that from the key staple macro nutrients we need everyday – Fat is by far the one we need most !

When we talk about Macro Nutrients we talk about the big 3 of the food pyramid breaking down in quantities of :
5-15% Carbohydrates, 10-25% Protein & yes a whopping – 60-70% Fat!
It is with these 3 that our body draws its energy, strength & endurance to last each day – the ‘coal in the fire’ if you will.And of course, when we say ‘fat’ we refer to the nutritious healthy fats that avocados are so full of!

TIP 01: And before we continue one HUGE piece of mis-information out there – there is absolutely no such things as ‘Targeted Fat Loss Training’ – Meaning you can’t burn only belly or arm fat. It’s an overall body thing! (But that we can cover on another article!)

From Carbs we get our higher heart rate training or anaerobic exercise for explosive energy (zone 4-5) – but it burns out faster. Our main store of energy is indeed Fat – which we burn throughout the day at a lower heart rate aerobic exercise (starting zones 1-3).

This fat store can keep us going for example in lower exertion endurance sports like marathons. Some athletes actually train their bodies to become specifically ‘fat-adapted’ so that they have a longer energy source than higher intensity carbohydrates.

In fact if you want to burn fat – just like our ‘Avocardio HIIT workouts’ you can focus to train from 30 minutes in Zones 2-3, in this time our muscles start to release our fatty cells into the bloodstream ready to burn for more ‘fuel’ – but it only starts there, if we stopped right then, these fatty cells will be re-absorbed and remain as they haven’t started the process to burn as energy. To really start noticing a difference, we should continue another 15-30 minutes of cardio training and we start to teach the body to burn up those fatty cells.
It might sound too simple, but that’s actually because it is!! There’s no big secret here, except maybe the conspiracy for a lot of ‘weight-loss’ programs to hide how this actually works.

TIP 02: This is perhaps yet another article for another time! – But of course the other key factors to weight-loss though are maintaining a ‘calorie deficit’ daily diet – meaning consume less calories than you burn and not excess. As well – there are good and bad things we eat, that all have an impact, so try to make the concerted effort to eat a bit healthier when you can & keep the exercise up!

(and yes there are more factors than the big 3 – of course we need glucose, vitamins, calcium and a wide variety of other nutrients)

So that’s the TRUTH about fat – we hope you can filter through all of the content out there and stick to what counts!

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