What makes New Zealand avocados ‘Premium Quality Standards’

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New Zealand holds the #1 highest standard of quality for our exported produce in the world! What makes us the best in the world for avocados?

Most our farms are in the region of North Island ‘The Bay of Plenty’, where our standards start before the first seasons avocado’s even start to grow!

Starting with our pure, eco-friendly & sustainable farming methods :
First – Our soil must be farmed and treated without any harmful products & pesticides ensuring a ‘natural’ farming method.
Second – The purest water from rainfall and streams are used to water our farms
Thirdly – Clean, fresh Air combined with the strong southern sun, feed our trees to grow extra nutritious avocados – with double the Vitamin B & 25% more folate!

THEN – that’s not even to talk about the scrutineering process for farmers from harvest, to packing and finally approval for shipping!
Each single avocado picked must meet a specific size, be without imperfection, pass a water density test AND be shipped from Bay of Plenty within just 24 hours of being picked!

Soo actually our farmers have surprisingly ‘chilled’ personalities considering the pressure they are under to ship you the best quality avocados they can! Why, because it’s their passion and love of life – so we hope they can inspire you to do what you love too!

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