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Are you Triple Active?
At New Zealand avocado we try to live by simple principles for a healthy life, these are – eating well, staying active and balancing our lives for ‘mind over matter’. All of which the goal is for a happy, long, meaningful life!
We’ve admired and always enjoyed sharing this with ‘Varnvarn’ for many years. We feel Varnvarn is someone who really exemplifies and lives by these principles – we’re sure you will find the same.

So we have invited Varnvarn to share and talk about our Triple Active avocados and see how they are a contributing factor in achieving the right balance in her life.
We hope you enjoy and learn about the 3 key nutrients in avocados – Antioxidants, Folate and Omega3, and how they can benefit your daily life!

Please try for yourself, ask us any questions and find New Zealand avocados in all major supermarkets near you or for order online.

Find out more about Triple Active avocados click here.

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