Staying active is one of the three key elements to a healthy lifestyle ???

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It doesn’t mean you need to start a regime exercising everyday at the gym or train up for a marathon – but it does mean you need some form of ACTIVITY in your daily life.
Lets compare an ‘active lifestyle’ to a ‘sedentary lifestyle’:
A SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE, perhaps is the easiest to explain; physiologically speaking it means your heart rate is always rested, your muscles are never exerted = for whatever reason, people that are moving very little and sitting for extended periods of time, days, weeks, even months without any exertion.
Which without question raises health and wellbeing risks.
AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE; at large is simply about movement, raising our heart rate for extended periods and activating our muscles = at a minimum even a half hour exercise 3 times a week can ensure you remain actively healthy. But ideally a daily activity that gets your body moving and blood pumping.
All of which contributes to our health and wellbeing.
So what can you do – where to start?
If you want to pursue a more active lifestyle, introduce small goals to achieve in your week :
1. Take a 15 minute walk morning and evening (even to school or work)
2. Three times a week, try to achieve 30 minutes elevated ‘aerobic’ heart rate OR something that makes you ‘huff and puff’
3. When you have free time, try to get out to nature and spend some hours walking, hiking, cycling, swimming – whatever it is you love to do
AND – make it social if that helps, encourage your friends and loved ones to join you, its a great motivating factor that ensures you won’t skip!
We’d love you to share and inspire everyone here what activities you like do ? Please post in comments below!
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