The Five Most Essential Fitness Tips For Women Who Are Short On Time!

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Are you juggling so many things in life with work & family that it can be hard to prioritise the most important thing for you – Your Health?

As the pace of life continues to accelerate in todays fast moving society, try these simply, easy tips to keep a base level of exercise in your week.

1. Drink water regularly  – Drinking water or sipping water throughout the day helps the skin to be refreshed and also helps stay slim since we feel more full – its true!

2. Eat healthy food & avoid sweets  – Pretty simple! Eating sugar increases our bodies dependency on it. And we will want to become more and more a sweet tooth. Try changing to eating nuts, fruits, or avocados instead of sweets. Plus they increase those abilities to build bad fats.

3. Reduce the amount of carbs –  carbohydrates are converted into sugar or fast burn energy when eaten and cause blood sugar levels to rise immediately. After eating we will have a lot of energy but it doesn’t last – we will be hungry faster when the sugar level decreases. Making our body to desire more carbs again. We should change to macro/complex carbs/starch. Or reduce the consumption of flour & wheat products overall.And when we do eat bread and pasta try to eat Wholemeal instead.

4. Regularity – Schedule workouts in your week as if we were meeting a client ⏰ – note down on your calendar to make a habit of your exercise time and never let anything make you miss it!

5. Have fun moving 🙂 – If you don’t have time to run around the park Try to walk or simply move more – around the office, walk your kids to school, anything. Going up and down stairs not use the escalator is a perfect example! Find activities you like to do and look forward to in your week. Whether swimming, cycling, yoga or dancing, the important thing is – WE MUST ENJOY IT, you will do it more frequently, longer and the results will show, giving you confidence and motivation to do more! Its all a positivity cycle 🙂

We hope you can start to practise these simple things – even just 10 minutes in your day and try to increase to 3 solid 30minute plus activities per week


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