Amazing avocado health benefits for mothers & kids

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Avocados are an ideal food for babies, toddlers and great essential nutrient source during pregnancy for mums-to-be and breastfeeding mothers.

NZ avocados – Full of 20% folate than others! But what is Folate ?

Simply put, it’s an essential maternal nutrition for healthy mums-to-be & baby during pregnancy. It contributes as well to breast milk composition & foetal development.

For babies Folate is a great source of growth and development – with avocado’s creamy, delicious, mushy consistency is a natural food for your baby to enjoy loaded with calories! Sugar-free, low sodium, high in Vitamin E and with healthy fats aiding absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K consumed from other foods in your children’s diets.

Surely Avocados deserve their Super Fruit title !